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Power Pong 3001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 3001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 3001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 3001 Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong 3001 Table Tennis Robot

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The Power Pong 3001 table tennis robot provides you with a fully realistic training experience without having to understand how to download and operate apps on your devices.

This new and updated version of the bestselling Power Pong 3000 has stronger motors and 99 memory slots for saving your drills.


All of our Power Pong table tennis robots...

  • Allow you to adjust the speed, spin and placement of each individual ball in the drill.
  • Can produce a no-spin ball.
  • Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
  • Include a range of pre-programmed drills.
  • Come with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
  • Are covered by our three-year manufacturer's warranty.

The following table highlights the differences between the three models.

  PP2001 PP3001 PP5000
Control options: Control box Control box Control box or app
Balls per drill: 6 balls 8 balls 8 balls
Memory space: 22 drills 99 drills Unlimited
Spin settings: 1-5 1-10 1-10
Cluster training: No Yes Yes
Drill database: No No Yes

The Power Pong 3001 is very similar to the Power Pong 5000, just without the ability to be controlled by the Power Pong app via Bluetooth technology. If you're happy to control your table tennis robot using a physical control box (rather than your phone/tablet) then the Power Pong 3001 is a great choice!

It has a lot more memory space for storing drills than the Power Pong 2001 and can also create 8-ball drills. It will also enable you to create clusters of drills so that you can plan out your entire training session.