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The Power Pong App

The Power Pong App

The Power Pong app is the perfect companion to your Power Pong 5000 or Power Pong Omega table tennis robot. It provides you with a "drag-and-drop" interface for creating your own drills and training exercises and connects wirelessly to your robot to run drills on your phone or tablet.

You can find the app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.

App Features (v2.4.0)

  • Create drills with up to 8 unique balls.
  • Loaded with a rich variety of preset drills for you to get started
  • Speed, spin, and placement of each ball can be adjusted individually.
  • Set a ball’s placement just by dragging it on the screen.
  • The ball’s trajectory is automatically calculated using the given speed, spin. and placement.
  • Players can share their favorite drills with their friends.
  • Coaches can share drills with their students to practice at home.
  • Sort your drills using customizable tags.
  • Search for drills using tags, drill names, or common properties like spin type or ball count.
  • Randomize drills for irregular play or mirror drills for opposite handed players.
  • Run drills at up to 120 balls per minute for any duration.
  • Simulate match situations by grouping drills together and playing them in a specific sequence
  • Feeling tired? Add a timed break before the drill automatically restarts

for more features and to instructions on how to use the app download the Power Pong App User Manual

Download Links

You can download the Power Pong app, for free, by clicking one of the links below. You don't need to own a Power Pong robot in order to try out the app.