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Setup Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Power Pong Table Tennis Robot!

If you have purchased our Power Pong 5000 or Power Pong Omega table tennis robots, you can find the download links for our iOS and Android apps here. Our app is not only the best on the market, but our developers are continuously working on new developments.

Here is a helpful video to show you how to best use the App:

User Manuals:


How to set up your Power Pong robot by Samson Dubina:


    Attila Malek has also made a video demonstrating how to setup your robot and program your first drill using the control box.


    PLEASE REMEMBER TO WASH NEW TABLE TENNIS BALLS IN WARM SOAPY WATER BEFORE USING THEM IN YOUR ROBOT! This helps prolong the life of the wheels and maintain top performance from your robot.

    If you have any questions at all regarding the setup or operation of your Power Pong robot please send us an email.

    Thanks again for your order,

    Eliza Simpson