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Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong Omega Table Tennis Robot

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The new Power Pong Omega has the same features as the PP5000. The main difference is that the updated electronics and wireless connection is now in the base unit and the Omega comes with the tablet and can also be controlled with your own IOS or Android device.

It can be controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection to the Power Pong app - which can be downloaded for free onto any Apple or Android device.

The Power Pong app provides you with a "drag-and-drop" interface for creating your own drills and training exercises. You can also share/swap drills with other Power Pong app users!

The following table highlights the differences between the three models.

  PP2001 Omega PP5000
Control options: Control box Tablet
Control box and/or app
Balls per drill: 6 balls 8 balls 8 balls
Memory space: 22 drills Unlimited
Spin settings: -4 - 5
-5 - 7 -5 - 7
Cluster training: No Yes (Group up to 33 drills in each cluster) Yes (Group up to 33 drills in each cluster)
Drill database: No Yes Yes
Tags: No Yes Yes
Drill sharing: No Yes Yes
Mirror drill: No Yes Yes
Search for drill: No Yes Yes